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22nd October 2017 
About Tom #01

About Tom

I am an Oxfordshire-based counsellor and psychotherapist with two and a half decades of clinical experience.

I discovered Psychosynthesis many years ago and found it to be an exciting and healing time of my life.I have many years experience of helping people.

If after speaking we decide that I am not the right person for you then I can help you find another therapist.

MA in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy
BAS Diploma in Autogenic Psychotherapy
Diploma in Clinical Supervision (Individuals and Groups)
Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

I am registered with the UK Council for Psychotherapy, meeting the exacting standards to be listed on the national register.

I am committed to all of the professional codes and practices that ensure high standards of care for you. They include regular supervision with a clinical supervisor, continuous professional development and a strict code of ethics.