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20th November 2017 
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Psychosynthesis Psychotherapist Oxford - Counselling Oxford

Psychotherapy and Counselling for psychological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing


What can I offer you?
A supportive, non critical relationship combined with over two decades of clinical experience. A place and time to learn how to be true to yourself.

When can I help you?
I am a psychotherapist with experience in helping people with the following life difficulties:

  • Anger
  • Loss
  • Isolation
  • Uncertainty
  • A sense that there is much MORE to you than you can access right now
  • Destructive behaviour in relationship and unable to stop it
  • Lack of personal worth
  • Feeling victimised - seemingly at the mercy of other people and of events
  • Difficult life transition
  • A need to seek Meaning and Purpose in your life
    Work Related Problems: stress, bullying, difficulties with colleagues etc

    Call me on 01865 358364 or mob: 07812409390 for a confidential conversation. Please leave contact details if I am not available.

    I have consulting rooms in Oxford, Charles St just off the Iffley Rd and in Stanton St John (close to Headington).

    "Have the courage to throw yourself into life, take risks, weather blows, knowing before you begin that you will be exposed to a series of opposites;success and failure, happiness and unhappiness, praise and blame."
    (Arnaud Desjardins)

    Tom Goss Psychotherapist and Counsellor

    Counselling Oxford - Psychotherapy Oxford